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Her Night City

'Her Night City' explores nocturnal solitude from a female perspective. Photographed in familiar city spaces that become unfamiliar as darkness falls, the series aims to capture the tension and conflicting emotions women experience when exploring the night city on their own.

‘Being a Reproductive System’ is an expression of anxiety about fertility, reproductive health and ageing. It's about facing questions and decisions about your reproductive choices at a certain age, especially if you're female. The resulting visual diary is a form of therapy - using the act of constructing and taking photographs to face and express unspoken fears and worries.

Being a Reproductive System

Chasing the Sun

'Chasing the Sun' depicts a weekend routine of moving around a small London garden to follow the sun and escape the encroaching shadows.

I'm currently working on a long-term project, which aims to document and celebrate drag kings of London.

Work in progress

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